Critical Illness Insurance

critical illness insurance, CII, Oasis, unexpected, illnessPlanning for the unexpected

We all know, or have heard of, people who have suffered from a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

While the good news is many more survive today than in past years, there can be a financial and emotional impact to survivors and their families.

Critical illness insurance was first envisioned back in the early 90’s by a physician, Dr. Marius Barnard in South Africa (not by an insurance company). Dr. Marius Barnard, who helped his brother, Dr. Christian Barnard, with the first human heart transplant, recognized that advances in medical science were helping his patients live longer. But at what cost? Dr. Barnard saw the financial and emotional devastation that this survival could cause.

critical illness insurance, CII, Oasis, unexpected, illnessIf you were struck with the devastating news that you have a life-altering critical illness, would having extra money help?

Specialty Wealth and Financial offers a critical illness insurance product called Oasis, offered by the Great-West Life Assurance Company that can provide a lump sum of money at a time when you need it most.

Critical illness claimants have indicated they have used their critical illness insurance benefits for what matters most to them. Some examples include:

  • paying off major debts and their mortgage
  • funding for prescription drugs not covered by their provincial plan
  • seeking alternative or out-of-country medical treatment
  • continuing to fund their children’s education savings plans
  • continuing to build a retirement savings fund
  • taking a rejuvenating trip for the entire family during or after recovery


In addition, optional riders are available that may allow for a return of premium benefit if there is, thankfully, no need to claim.

Can you afford not to explore this important protection for you and your family?


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