Protect Your Family For As Little As $0.96 a Day!

How can I protect a family for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day?


John, married with children and a mortgage.cup of coffee, term life insurance, permanent life insurance, death benefit, protect your family, affordable

John is a healthy 35-year-old. To help protect his family financially, he wants to have $500,000 of term life insurance for the next 10 years. Can he afford it? As it turns out, John can get that much protection for as little as $ 28.80 a month! That’s only $0.96 a day—compared to $1.80 for a cup of coffee.

Even if John dies the first day the policy is in effect, his loved ones receive the full $500,000 death benefit. They can use it to pay off the mortgage, fund the children’s education, cover everyday living expenses, or buy 277, 778 coffees.

Ask your Financial Security Advisor about creating a plan that helps protect your family and fits your budget.

Life insurance coverage amounts represent the policy’s death benefit. Rates as of Sept. 2012, Term 10 premiums in-crease after 10 years at renewal. Cost of coffee is based on $1.80 per cup. This example is not complete without the corresponding London Life illustration of the same date. Contact your Specialty Wealth Financial Advisor for a current illustration to take into account your particular circumstances.

Find out what $0.96 a day can do for your family.

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