Your Financial Security: Stay On Track to Help Achieve Your Investment Goals

During times of economic and market turmoil, when the headlines bombard you and cause concerns, the advice of your financial security advisor is even more important. He or she can help guide you away from making investment decisions based on emotional reactions to headlines.

Although it’s disconcerting to see the value of your portfolio shift significantly, there are steps you can take to ride out market volatility and improve your confidence you’re still on track to achieve your investment goals.


Reaffirm your risk tolerance

By using a defined process that strategically designs an asset mix and selects the right combination of funds for you, your financial security advisor can reaffirm your tolerance for risk and verify your overall portfolio is correctly aligned with your investment needs.


Realign expectations

It’s important to use reasonable performance numbers when crafting your financial security plan because history has shown you can’t rely on a never-ending series of market gains. Working with your financial security advisor to find a conservative rate of return assumption can help keep short term fluctuations in perspective.


Rebalance your portfolio

Rebalancing makes sure you maintain the appropriate long-term asset mix recommended for your risk tolerance. Depending on your tolerance for risk you may need to change some of the investments within your portfolio to become more aggressive (using more equities) or more conservative (using more fixed-income products).


Reinvest in your plan

Don’t wait to invest. Down markets provide buying opportunities – consider the adage buy low, sell high – because some investments’ prices drop below their value.

During times of economic uncertainty and volatile markets, stay on track and avoid emotional reactions to headlines which can derail you from achieving your long-term investment goals.


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