Estate Planning: Make Your Legacy Last with a Gradual Inheritance

When planning your estate, amongst all the important decisions you will have to make is how to effectively distribute funds to your heirs. Your legacy can be protected, and last longer, by setting up a gradual inheritance arrangement that gives you a simple and flexible way to share your estate with loved ones.

Dispersing a death benefit to your multiple beneficiaries over time provides them with a gradual income payment rather than a lump sum. By doing so, you can control the manner and timing in which your legacy is received, and may eliminate the need to set up a formal trust.

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For example:

Consider the case of a retired couple who have accumulated substantial assets over the years. They want to ensure their grandchildren receive a share of the inheritance, but are concerned about their ability to manage a large one-time lump sum payment. Preferring that their grandchildren’s gifts are paid out over time, they select a gradual inheritance arrangement that guarantees monthly payments over 20 years to help ensure their inheritance will last.

To review your insurance policies, and discuss a gradual inheritance for your beneficiaries and make your legacy last, talk to your financial security advisor.


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