Here we Grow Again

Ron King Specialty Wealth President

Ron King Specialty Wealth President

Reading this issue of Notes from the Corner Office I expect that you may have noticed some changes to our website.

Starting last fall, we undertook an extensive review of our internet policy. After many meetings and opinions shared, we have changed the way we deliver content to clients and readers.

Our website,, can and will be updated more often. We have been reaching out to you on Facebook, we will now also be increasing our online presence on LinkedIn. In the near future, we expect to start our first Blog, sharing our knowledge of all things financial, answering your questions about financial security planning. If we can answer a question for you, please let us know, and you can guide us as to what content to deliver, to help you.

At this time I would like to thank Victoria and Melissa, and their work to get the re-vamped site going, working with our Social Media expert and Website Developer, Melanie Martin of Webrite Designs.  Together we have conceived and implemented a site that is easy to navigate, offering you all the opportunity to stay and browse our articles section at your leisure.

One of the changes is an easier way for you to share some of our content with your contacts elsewhere. Let us know how we are doing, or ask your questions on our new contact page. Stay up to date with current hot topics on our Blog, and receive our monthly Solutions Newsletter full of useful financial security planning hints and tips.

How would you prefer to be contacted? With the costs of Canada Post rising and the pressure to reduce use of paper, we can communicate with you electronically via text at 905 449 7966, or by email to Maybe you have recently changed to a cell phone, and need to adjust your contact information. Give us a call at the office and let us know the best way to keep you up to date.

To take a look at our most recent financial security planning campaign, click here. You will find an offer we are making to all people who are currently employed and have a retirement savings plan or pension through work. Next month, look for an offer to help people who have money saved in a plan sponsored by a former employer.

I hope you enjoy the New Format, and we would like to hear your feedback.

Bring on Spring!