Participating Life Insurance

Does participating life insurance have a place in your portfolio?

Understanding how different asset classes can be used to your advantage can be a big benefit when creating your financial security plan. Would you consider life insurance and its cash value to be an important contributor to your net worth?

Consider participating life insurance as a unique asset class

Participating life insurance is a unique asset class because of its mix of immediate estate enhancement, cash value growth and the opportunity for life insurance benefit growth through dividends. This combination of benefits is a mix only offered with participating life insurance and can help you meet your financial goals.

Guaranteed cash value that won’t go down: Unlike most other assets that may be exposed to market volatility, participating life insurance has guaranteed cash values. And policyowner dividend values, once credited to a participating life insurance policy, can’t be reduced except as the policy or policyowner allows (for example, to help cover premiums). Accumulated values are fully protected from down-side market risk.

Tax advantages:

While cash value is growing inside the policy, clients aren’t subject to tax on this growth (within legislative limits). And, the life insurance benefit passes tax free to your named beneficiary.


Whether your goal is estate preservation or having access to your policy’s cash value for retirement or other future needs, you have flexibility to help accomplish your personal financial goals.

Professionally managed:

The participating account assets backing participating policies are usually managed by an experienced group of professionals.

The assets of the participating account are broadly diversified and the account is generally managed as a fixed-income account. There are specific teams of experts responsible for managing each asset class within the account’s portfolio.

Speak with your financial security advisor today about how you can benefit from adding participating life insurance to your financial security portfolio.

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