Winter 2013-2014

Ron King Specialty Wealth President

Ron King Specialty Wealth President

Twenty years ago this month, I completed my training and became a sales representative with the London Life Insurance Company.

At that time, London Life offered four permanent life insurance products, three term life insurance products, and a disability insurance product from Paul Revere Life Insurance (since bought out several times; now RBC Insurance).

My product shelf was rounded out with six segregated funds, and mutual funds were nowhere to be seen.

The last twenty years reminds me of an old oriental curse I once heard: “I hope you live in interesting times.”

Mortgage rates then were around 17% compared today of less than 4%. In 1994 I recall apologizing to a client for only getting him 9.75% on a 5 year GIC! Today the same investment is 2%.

Now Specialty Wealth & Financial offers multiple life insurance solutions from London Life, Great West Life and Manulife, and universal life insurance is an option. Longer terms including 20 years are available. Dividend scales are under downwrd pressure.

Talk about investments! The original six segregated fund family now has over fifty different funds. And, we have two series of these. I offer mutual funds through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., a fund family of over fifty unique funds.

Disability insurance has been complimented with critical illness insurance. I can also refer mortgages to a London Life mortgage planning specialist and provide some banking products and services through Solutions Banking™ provided by National Bank of Canada.

Looking for another type of personal product? Contact us, as we have access to other solutions to compliment your total financial security.

When I started out in the business, I worked on our dining room table at home and out of the back of a 1993 Plymouth.

Our business has grown to our present location in downtown Newcastle and including myself, there are five people to help ensure that we meet your financial security needs.

As the festive season arrives, we all have so much to be thankful for. You, my clients and friends have made the last twenty years both exciting and challenging. Working with both you and those you refer to us has been a pleasure.

Victoria, Melissa and Samantha, our support team in the office, demonstrate dedication, and their efforts have helped me grow the business and provide attentive client service.

And lastly, thank you to my wife Joyce and family for sticking by me during the ups and downs of building a business.

New Year’s Day marks the start of our 21st year! All are invited to the Newcastle arena for our annual New Year’s skate from 1 –3 pm. I hope to see you there as we celebrate the start of our third decade of providing professional financial security advice.

I hope I am cursed with twenty more years of interesting times. Thank you and enjoy the festive season.